Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upcycled Lamp Shade

I come to you today with a fun craft that I did over the weekend and some sad news because I lost my job today.  Boo hoo, whaa whaaa whaaa.  Ok so now that I am done crying it out I am ready to get on with my life.   I have been really sick of my job for a while now and maybe this is the blessing that I have been looking for.  I am still waiting for the silver lining to appear, but I know that only good things will happen in my future.

On to the fun craft.  As you know I am redecorating my spare bedroom.  I have painted the built in dresser and stool for the sewing machine a nice gray/blue color.  As I was putting all the stuff back in the room that normally belongs there I noticed that I had this candle holder that looked like a light house.  I can't remember now where I got it from, but I always liked it and thought that it was pretty.  I kept it but never used it for its intended purpose of being a candle holder.  Sure it had a candle in it but it has never been lit.

Here is the candle holder prior to my complete destruction of it.  I ripped off the top and the handle that was used to hang it up.  I took out the candle thing from the bottom.  I turned the holder upside down and tried to attach it to the IKEA light.  It turned out that the holder hole was too big for the light attachment thing so I had to modify it to make it a little smaller.  I used regular masking tape to make the hole smaller.  The screw attachment for the light now fit perfectly in the hole, so I put the light back together and assembled.  The following pictures are how my creation turned out.

The light cord that I used was a prewired thing that i picked up from IKEA.  I used the plastic piece and screw hook that came in the package to hang the light and then plugged it into the wall outlet that is attached to my switch on the wall.  Now with a flip of a switch I have a beautiful new light in my sewing room.


  1. Your silver lining-more time for crafts! (But it does stink). I think it looks much better as a light, then a candle holder.

  2. Congrats! this was one of last week's top viewed links.