Friday, September 9, 2011

Spare Bedroom Overhaul

Here is a current picture of my spare bedroom.  Right now it is piled with boxes that Aaron has still not unpacked, enough furniture to fill a room at least twice this size.  There is a built in dresser with nice shelves that go all the way up the wall.  There is a cubby that is built out for a bed to fit in.  Unfortunately the cubby will only fit a full size bed and of course the bed that is in there is a queen.  Which why would you buy a full size bed in the first place?  Isn't it practical to just buy the queen?  I mean you have to buy the same size sheets anyway.  Ok, lol, back on subject... I have my collection of dumbos and elephant trinkets on the shelves in the room and really just a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff that doesn't have a home in the rest of my house.  On the bed you can see a massive collection of linens from the linen closet that have been temporarily cleared out of the linen closet.
So here is the plan.  Next week we are getting new carpet put in in the upstairs of our house.  We need to clear out the space completely including the closet doors and carpet.  All the furniture and items will temporarily move to our living room.  This whole process is making Aaron freak out.  He hates clutter, so I can't wait to see his face when we get everything moved to the living room (BTW I know that I said that Aaron hates clutter, but he is usually the one that creates it behind closed doors...I don't get it either).

In the process of clearing everything out I have decided to paint now so that I don't have to risk messing up the new carpet. I was inspired by the dining room decorations that Disney from Ruffles and Stuff did in her house.  I love the bird theme and the serenity of the colors. I also go some inspiration from Tam from the Sew Dang Cute Crafts blog.  I just love the way that the colors came out and everything in that room is so simple, yet elegantly put together.  

So through my inspiration I decided to paint the walls a cream color and the dresser, shelves and the bed a light blue/grey color.  I went to the Home Depot and got a bunch of paint samples the other day and decided on Light French Grey.  I put up the cream colors on the wall and determined that they were WAY too similar to what is already there, so I have decided to leave what is there and just paint the dresser and shelves. I am giving most of the furniture that is in there to my mom.  She says that she will just keep it for me until we move into a bigger space and have more rooms to fill with furniture, but I am just saying that she can have it.  The furniture that I am giving her is a complete matching set including a bed frame, armoire, dresser with mirror, and a night stand.  It is the set that she bought me when I was about 16.  It is still in really good shape and will look nice in her newly remodeled basement.

I am also planning on moving my sewing machine into this room when it is done.  Right now it is in my bedroom and I don't feel like I can work on any of the projects that I have wanted to because it would intrude on my peaceful place.  After all is said and done I will have a nice room to go hang out in to let the creative juices flow.

That is all for now. I just wanted to tell the world, or anyone who cares about the big plans that I have for such a small room.  I will post again about this in a few weeks to let you all know the progress.  I will also let you know if Aaron likes it because I am not taking into account any of his input on this is all mine.  And I already know that he hates the color that I have picked out.  Oh well.  Take care everyone and have a great weekend.


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