Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dresser Makeover

I wanted to share with you all the final product of my dresser overhaul.  I selected Light French Grey for the paint color.  There is built in handles for this dresser so unfortunately I did not get the pleasure of selecting new hardware to dress it up.  As I said in an earlier post this dresser is a built in unit.  We painted the walls behind the shelves to make the dresser stand out more against the cream colored walls.  It is a very nice color in this room and I can't wait to finish the other pieces to make it complete.  Painting the dresser turned out to be a team effort.  I painted the first coat of paint last Sunday and then Aaron painted the second coat on Tuesday night while I was having fun at Bunco.  He is so thoughtful and helpful sometimes and I appreciate him very much.  I will be sharing some more of my projects for this room in the coming weeks.  I can't wait to have a completed project to share with you all.

TIP #1: When pulling out the drawers of any type of furniture it is a good idea to label the drawers prior to pulling them out.  These drawers were so slightly different that we had to put them back in by trial and error to get them to fit, open, and close correctly.

TIP #2: Use a smooth paint foam roller when painting smooth furniture.  This will ensure that you get a smooth and not bumpy finish.  Also make sure that you are putting on several light layers instead of any heavy layers.  If heavy layers are used you risk getting more drips that you will not catch.  This is especially true when you are working with intricate wood pieces with many bumps and grooves.

Hope that you enjoyed my new look.  Happy painting so that you can make over your own furniture into something new and interesting.


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