Thursday, September 29, 2011

Part 2 secret vacation

I was filled in on the next part of the plan. So exciting. Aaron told me that we are renting a car and touring wine country for the weekend. I love my boyfriend and am so glad I made good clothing choices. We are going to tour San Fran tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or must see's?

Aaron told me that next time he is going to tell me the full plan up front because I was jumping up and down in the airport. He said I wad embarrassing him in public. I told him that he wouldn't love me any other way.

Tomorrow we are still working out a plan but it looks like we will come back down to San Fran to tour the city. We will go to the wharf for sure and ride on a trolly car. Maybe we'll get some salt water taffy. Yum. on the way back to our hotel in Vacaville we will take the coastal highway. I am so excited I want to pee myself.

Saturday we will drive to Sonoma and go to different wineries. Maybe I will get to tour the vineyard like I've always wanted to do. See the process from dirt to cork. Sunday is our two year anniversary and we are spending it in Napa. Aaron has dinner plans for us that night in Napa. After that we will head back into San Fran to spend the night and dully come home on monday. I already wish we were staying longer. So much fun to be had. I will post pictures in the daylight. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

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