Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super Secret Special Trip

Aaron has been planning a trip for me/us for a while.  He started planning it right before I graduated from school.  He says that it is a celebration of all that I have accomplished and that I deserve a nice vacation with just him and I.  We always go to visit family or drive somewhere to stay, but this time it is just us.  We are flying to some secret location and going to have a fabulous time.

Here is the plan as I know it.  Aaron is going to tell me tonight what to pack.  Tomorrow we fly out about 6 pm.  So as soon as we are at the airport I will know our location.  Hard to keep it a secret when we are sitting in front of a gate with the destination on it. :-)  So from there he says that he has a bunch of ideas for what we will be doing during the day, but I can have some input on that.  He booked us a hotel and has changed the reservations twice trying to get it just the way that he wants it.  I know that it is going to be great where ever we go and whatever we do.  Aaron is a very good planner (sometimes).  But he has his mind set on this one so I am sure that it will be great.

Stay tuned and I will post more info as I get it dished to me.  Take care and have a nice weekend.


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