Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Carpet....Hooray!!!

 We slept as one big happy family on Thursday night.  The mattress and box springs have been on the floor since last weekend and have been walking around on plywood.  It has been a very loud week with the click clack of the dogs walking around.  It seems that every move that they make reverberates through the entire house.  Thursday was the only night that we actually let them sleep in the bedroom with us and both of them took turns on the bed.  In the morning both of them squished my legs and laid on the bed with us.  They never sleep on the bed so this was a big treat for both of them.

Here is a photo of the stairs all cleared off and ready to get their new fuzzies.

Our bedroom has been painted and is ready to go.  As you may be able to see on the floor I have painted "Kara Loves Aaron".  Since I met Aaron two years ago we have done many painting projects.  Every time that we do a project he either paints he loves me or I paint that I love him.  And every time that we do this I take a picture.  One day I am going to gather them all together and frame them.  It is a fun tradition that we have.

Friday morning was a very interesting day for the weather.  We woke up to nice sunshine at about 6.  By the time that I left for work at about 8 the fog started rolling in making it hard to see a block ahead.  My normal 20 minute drive turned in to about 45 minutes.  Instead of going to work at that point I decided to go garage saleing.  I was going to have to be back home by 11 so that Aaron could go to a meeting, so I thought that a garage sale search sounded much more fun than working for an hour and half.

After many long hours of installation we have new carpet up the stairs and in both of our upstairs bedrooms.  It is really pretty, but darker than I thought that it would be.  I think that it will hide some of the nasty dog hair that is always on the floors in our house.  With two dogs I don't care how many times a week that you vacuum there is always hair everywhere.  I think that I need to invest in one of those Roomba's to try and keep up with the chores around the house.  If any of you few people who actually read my blog have any experience with a Roomba let me know.  I can't justify spending that much money if it doesn't work.  I hope that everyone has a fantastic rest of their weekend.  And don't forget to click the "follow this blog" button at the top of the page.


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