Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mila Juliet

My second niece was born just last week.  She is different from Malaya already.  She has a full head of black hair and she is not such a chatter box (well atleast no yet that is).  Like her sister she was born with dark grey eyes.  Malaya's are turning blue even though I really hoped that they would stay grey.  I have a feeling that Mila's will probably turn blue eventually too.
She was 7 lbs 9.4 oz and almost 19" tall when she was born.  Her name is Mila Juliet, the first name is pronounced Mee-lah.  I looked up the meaning of her name like I always do with new people and babies.  Her name has two meanings: one latin - rival, emulating and the other greek - friendly, soft, or plesant.  For her parents sake I really hope that it is the second of the two, but knowing that we have extremely strong willed women in my family it is more likely to be the first.  She is lovely already and I can't wait to see her again.

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