Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hats For Sale!!!

Stuff for sale.  Just email me ( or comment on the post if you are interested.  All of the items that you see are made by hand by me.  I also do custom orders.  If you are interested in a pattern of design and want it in a different color we can work it out.

 White Adult Hat with bubble pattern and pom pom.  $10

 Newborn baby blue hat.  This yarn is really soft and perfect for a new born. $7
 Army/Olive Green adult hat with ear flaps.  The yarn is eco friendly 77% bamboo.  It is super soft and an awesome texture with the stitches. $10
White Adult lacey hat with bubble design.  $7

Sorry folks but these hats are already spoken for.  I made these custom for Kaitlin and Josh with the colors that they chose.  If you are interested in any of the designs above or anything that you see on the street.  Just take a picture and let me know.  I can do pretty much anything so if you want something custom we can work out a price and delivery date.

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