Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jewelry for Sale!!

All the items that you see listed on this posting have been hand made by myself.  I can also do custom jewlery in the colors that you choose if you let me know what you are interested in.

Turquoise blue shell earrings.  About 1.5" long oval shaped.  They are very bright and could add pizazz to any outfit.  There is a wire design that lays in front of the shell adding dimension and shape to this cool piece.  $7

Vintage Button necklace.  This is made out of an old button.  The front of the button is bright blue in color and the back of the buttom has a metal do dad on it that was used to attach the button to the garment.  About 1" in diameter.  The pendant is hung off a black cord and clasps with a lobster clasp.  This is a funky piece of history to wear around your neck.  $10
For those of you that like simple designs and are crazy about dragon flies and
lady bugs then these are for you.  The red bead in these earrings
sparkes in the light, don't let my pictures fool you these are beautiful. Approximately 1.5" long.  $5 ea.

Purple Earrings.  Simple and elegant.  I can make a
 necklace to match.  Approximately 1" long.  $5

Black Clay wrapped in interesting wire design.  These are very black
and would go nice with that little black dress.  About 1" long. $7

Fun flair made with glass beads in blue and green. 
These will give a beachy feel to any outfit that you
pair them with. About 1.5" in diameter.  $7

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