Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gluesticks Guest Posting

Last week on Friday I did my first guest posting on the Gluesticks blog.  If you are not familiar with this blog I encourage you to go check it out.  It always has fun ideas and Brandi hosts a great linky party on Thursdays.  The project that I shared was a little tutorial on how to make a reversible bag.  So get out your scrap fabric supply and lets start sewing!!!  Also I am doing a giveaway on my blog so don't forget to register.  The winner will be announced this Tuesday.

To make this bag you will need two different fabrics, preferably in contrasting colors.  This will make the reversal worthwhile.  If you would like you can make up your own template for the bag or you can download it free from Very Purple Person blog.  This template has perfect length straps for this size bag.  Use the template with the straight edge on the fold in the fabric.  You will need two pieces of fabric cut from each type of material (4 total).  For mine I used an old pair of jeans for the outside of the bag and a crazy print for the inside.  On the jeans I decided to use them inside out so that I would see the contracting color on the seam of the leg.
Once you have all of your fabric cut out you will put the inside fabric right side to right side and the outside fabric right side to right side.  Sew around the bottom of these separate pieces and up the sides.

Next you will flip the inside "bag" right side out and slide it into the outside bag. 

Now sew the handles together leaving about 2" un-sewn at the top.  A back stitch at the top of  the handles would be a good idea.  Now we are ready to flip the bag right side out.  Through one of the handles start to turn the bag right side out.  This will seem very hard at first and you will think that you have screwed up the whole thing, but do not fear it will soon become easier and the bag will just flip right side out.  The jean material made it a little harder because it was so thick, but if you are using two thin cotton fabrics back to back then it should be a little easier.

You will now have a bag that looks like the picture above.  Just push the inside of the bag into the outside.  Sew the handles of the bag together by putting each fabric right side to right side at the top and sewing across.  Make sure that you are sewing the handles that are next to each other together and not the handles that are in front and back of each other.  To finish, top sew around the handle openings.  You can add a decorative stitch if you would like.  I think that I am going to add flower embellishments similar to what Sachiko did in her She Wears Flowers - Tutorial.  What ever you do with this just have fun and let your creativity run wild.  Pick some fun prints that will make this your go to bag of the season.

Have a great week everyone and happy crafting.


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  1. Cute bag-I think I could totally make one too.

  2. Looks great :)thanks for joining us on creative Thursday :)

  3. I love.. love what you've done here.. Im your new follower and hope you'll visit me at Colours Dekor and join the linky parties on Monday..