Tuesday, December 8, 2015

October Craft Night (forgot to post)

Wood is my thing. I love making stuff out of it and painting it and cutting it up. Pretty much anything wood and I am in!!  These are just another thing that you can do with all the scrap wood you have laying around. These little cuties range for. About 3" high to about 6 or 7" high. They are just left over 2x4's from another project. We have painted them using  acrylic paints (50 cents each at the craft store) and decorated them using ribbon and tulle and coiled up wire. The stems are just 5/8" dowels cut to be about 3" long and glued in a hole that we made with a drill. Easy least and a fun way to decorate for the fall. Hint... If you leave one side a plain pumpkin and the other with Jack-o-lantern faces you can use them September through Thanksgiving to decorate. Love long term holiday decorating.