Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Giving is the GREATEST!!!

Hi friends in the blogging world.  Today I am writing about a very important subject.  The topic of Leukemia.  There is a little boy in Denver named Eryk that was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  His family was only supposed to be in Colorado for one year.  His father is a geologist that was working on a grant in Colorado the past year.  Eryk was diagnosed in November.  The doctors say that he needs to stay in Colorado to finish his treatment and that it is dangerous to move him back to Poland.  Unfortunately the health insurance that they carry in Poland does not work here, so the medical bills are piling up.  See more about Eryk's story at the link below.
See the video on 9News.com

Here is where you all come in.  The Polish Club of Denver is putting together a benefit fundraiser/auction for the family.  All the proceeds will go toward paying for the families medical bills.  We are asking for donations in the form gift certificates for goods and services.  These certificates will be auctioned off at the benefit.  I know that several of you have Etsy sites so if you would like to donate a certificate for some type of online store that would be great.

I know that this family will be grateful for anything that you can give.  If the only thing that you can send is prayers that would be appreciated too.  This little boy needs a fighting chance and this is the best thing that we can do to help him.  Please email me of leave a comment below if there is anyway that you can help.  Thank you.