Friday, November 12, 2010

Out of Gas?

So there is a funny story that happened to me this morning.  I wanted someone to take a picture of me wearing this fetching headband.  So what did I do I wore it to work so that Katie could take a picture.  I wanted to show you all how it would look on.  Cute right?   Well on my way to work this morning I forgot that my gas light came on yesterday when I was on my way to school.  While driving to work, and hoping at this point that I would make it, I ran out of gas on I-70.  Traffic is buzzing by and I coast to pull over as close to the next exit that I can get. 

At this point I call Zac and ask him to meet me at the gas station across the way.  I walked to the gas station to get a gas can and some gas.  It was freezing out this morning.  It was a whopping 32 degrees with a wind chill of 28.  I have never been so happy to have something toasty on my head to cover up my ears.  I am really glad that I wanted to show this to you all so bad that I wore it to work this morning.
So a little more about the product instead of my day.  It is peach in color and not super stretchy.  It should fit around just about anyone's head but it is not really meant to hold your hair in like some of the other cute "hippie-ish" ones that I have seen.  It has a button in the back to make it adjustable.  Perfect for that freezing day that you need to keep your ears warm but are trying not to mess up your hair.  Once again I can make these in pretty much any color with any cute button on the back.  For a more stylish way of wearing it you can wear the button in the front.  I tried it that way too with a couple that I made and it looked tres chic.
(For sale - $10)  if you are interested in a custom just ask.

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